Ghost of you

You were embracing me, surrounding me with those powerful arms of yours. You were holding me, tight enough for our heartbeats to feel each other. And I was loving it, this attention, this caring display of affection and protection. I was with you, as happy as I could be. Then you slowly undressed me. I wasn’t expecting it, but I was glad you wanted to. You pulled off my sweater, then my shirt. You saw the bra I was wearing and smiled, black always was your favourite colour wasn’t it? Then you unbuttoned the side of my skirt, and slid it off. You were undressing me slowly, admiring me, caressing me skin with those cold hands of yours. I was trembling, but it felt so bloody good just to be touched by you. Skin to skin.

You undid my bra, tossed it to the floor, and began playing with my breasts. I wanted you to suck on them, to love them with your tongue. You read my mind. Licking the nipples, then playfully suckling them, hurting me a bit with your teeth. They were erect within seconds. And you took a break to kiss the nape of my neck, sending a small shiver through me. Your hands continued caressing, exploring my skin, my curves, my form. You were warming my body with those cold hands somehow. I was getting warmer and warmer. I was feeling so good from it. Keep going.

Eventually my skin was blushing, and I was wet. I was wet for you. You stroked my hair with one hand, playfully pulling the ponytail out, so my hair fell in waves around my face. A chestnut wave of fine hair. With your other hand you explored what was beneath my matching black panties. You found how wet I was at your touch, how I was a waterfall at your command. You dipped in to see. Nice isn’t it? Your finger went in all the way, and I gave it a gentle squeeze to let you know it’s welcome. I loved you filling the emptiness inside me. I love you twirling your thumb around my clit. It feels so fucking good. My body is on fire for you. Its a waterfall for you. Its yours, just as I am. Love me.

You impatiently tugged the underwear off, throwing the soaked pair on the floor. I spread my legs as far as I could. I grabbed your hand and pushed you in farther. You started moving it, that “come to me” stroke with your finger. Or was it “come for me”? Your were smiling as I started to breath more rapidly. I could feel you inside of me, I could feel you pleasing me. It was amazing. My mind was calm, turned on, a bit of foggy haze of pleasure filled my mind now. I was moaning now, softly giving the pleasure have a voice. You put two fingers in now. Thats just what I wanted. Fill me, I don’t want to be empty anymore. Your fingers danced inside me, making me tremble and twitch every so often. I tried to close my legs in vain as it got intense, so good, so intense. “Don’t…don’t…stop.”. You didn’t.

You start kissing me all over, and using your free hand to play with my hair. Planting warm marks of love all over my body. My breasts, my erect nipples, my cheeks, my lips, my forehead, my ears. You whisper to me then that it’s almost that time. I knew it too. I was almost there. Almost there. Don’t stop. Keep going. Your thumb still circling madly, my clit so sensitive I can feel every little movement. Your fingers were dancing on the right spot inside. You don’t stop. You just smile. You whisper to me again, that its almost time. You ask me to come for you. You even say please. How cute. Almost…there. You whisper again, you’re telling me to come right now. Finally you say you love me, you really do, and you want me to know. And you ask me one more time. Will you please come for me? You keep saying it, over and over, louder and louder, as it keeps building. Exploding inside me, the waves race through me, one after the other, fulfilling everything I wanted, this pleasure, this burst of ecstasy, you. You asked me to come for you. Please?

I do. Then I wake up.

I wake up and I find my right hand down my panties, exactly where your hand should have been, completely soaked. I’d been dreaming again…of you. Same as always right?


Nocturnal Whispers

A view

Eyes open. Blinding darkness. Shadows barely clinging to the ceiling. Nothing but a silent observer. What do you think about the world under you? Are you alone too? I’m listening…there is only solitary Silence. Again. Filling the space, constricting and penetrating everything. Then its broken. The increasing beats pumping. My heart. Thinking of you.

I can still see the outline of where you were. I kiss the place where your lips should be. Empty space. Its always like that. I glance at the clock. Glowing red eyes in the dark. No comparison to your shade of hazel. I close my eyes and listen to my heartbeat. Even though you’re gone…you’re still all I can see.

Drifting. Flowing. You embrace me. You hold me. Arms encircling, surrounding me, the way I need. Lips. You kiss me. A supple flavor lingers, reminiscent of peppermint. Skin. Wonderful smooth, warm flushing skin rubbing against mine. A wisp of hair, soft and delicate. A blur of deep color. The scent of flowers, caught in the air, sweet and gentle. Your breath, warm and constant on my neck. Then came the sound, like a small flash in the dark. Soft like velvet, it dives into me with the words “I love you.” Your whisper in the night.

Where have you been…? You don’t need to tell me. You’re here now. The drops begin to fall. Streaming down my cheeks. Raining down on the the pillow, small dark spots forming. I pull you closer. My grip becomes tighter. I’ll never let you go, not when your heartbeat is this close. This real. My lips by your ear, I whisper to you.

As soon as the words leave me, the spell is broken. My eyes open again, taking in the familiar ceiling. I stretch my hands out to your side of the bed. Empty. The sheets cold and smooth. The only change to the room are the distinctive glowing red eyes, once wide open, now almost closed.

The thoughts of you invade my senses. Take over my dreams. Alter my very reality. Again and again. I wake to same the same nocturnal whisper night after night as it escapes my lips. Its familiar. So very familiar. But it only lives here now. As it escapes from deep inside.


I love you too.

The Otherside of Summer [1]


I glanced over at him, but neither of us made an attempt to speak. I focused my eyes on the windscreen wipers. Back and forth, back and forth. I always wondered why they were never designed to wipe the corners off, I’m sure there was a way to do it. I was growing restless and irritated by the constant motion and by the wetness of my hair. Next time I wouldn’t trust the weather reports, and I’d bring an umbrella.

He unlocked the doors, then came around and opened mine for me. He was always so kind. He led my by the hand up the two flights of stairs we needed to traverse to get to our condo. My sandals were making that wet squishing squelch with every step, but he just kept smiling at me while gently squeezing my hand as we continued up the stairs. I was admiring his taut muscles under his shirt, the wet fabric sticking to him wonderfully as he walked above me. I imagined the skin underneath, smooth and firm. I wanted to run my hands down his chest while I kissed him, toying with he thin spiral of hair around his navel as my tongue circled his.

He opened the door for me once again and motioned for me to go first, then followed, locking the door behind him. I put on water in the kitchen, figured I make hot tea to warm us up. We drank the hot Chamomile, feeling the warmth spread within us, and chatted a bit about our luck with the rain. He asked me to excuse him, he wanted to take a shower. I nibbled on a few crackers but still felt the chill the rain left on my skin. So I put the mugs in the sink and decided to follow him.

I stripped in the bedroom, wrestling off the wet clothes as they tried to cling helplessly to my body. Finally freeing myself, I undid my bra, and stepped carefully out of my panties. Steam was gently billowing out from underneath the bathroom door. I turned the handle carefully, and stepped into the dark room. It was warm and steamy, and felt so good on my naked skin. He always took showers in the dark, and as long as I was with him, I did too.

I could barely see his dark silhouette through the frosted glass door to the shower with the little light from the bedroom. I stepped carefully over his pile of wet clothes on the floor and pulled the shower door open. Through the fog of steam I could see he was facing the rain of water, his hands scrubbing his chest with body wash. I stepped in quietly, closing the door soundlessly behind me. I walked up behind him, and wrapped my arms around his waist, pressing my cheek to his back and feeling his heartbeat and his warmth. He knew it was me instantly and gave a nice “mmm” as he continued scrubbing.

I offered to shampoo his hair, and he giggled and squeezed a suitable amount in my hand. I managed work the liquid into a thick lather between my palms before plunging my fingers into his dark wet hair. His hair was just long enough to be able to properly and sensually shampoo it. I rubbed my fingers into his scalp, lathering his hair and scrubbing gently. It was like a head massage, and as I continued to massage his hair I moved closer and closer, wanting to feel as much skin contact as possible. He was enjoying it, I could tell as he was visibly relaxing. His shoulder slumped and he let out a deep sigh of contentment. Afterwards I rinsed it out thoroughly and turned him around and kissed him under the falling water.

He kissed me back strongly, wrapping his arms around me instinctively, as his tongue danced with mine as he pulled me closer to him. My breasts pressed against his chest and it was as though I could feel his heart beating through out my whole body. He softly removed his lips from mine and looked me straight in the eyes. An endless ocean of bronze and golden crescents reflected my smiling face back at me. It was a look of devotion, a look of love and desire. He wanted me to feel it.

He resumed his kissing, planting soft wisps of love on my forehead, eyelids, cheeks, neck, shoulder, chest, giving special attention to each breast until my nipples were nice and hard, standing at attention for him. His tongue and lips continued their show of devotion, giving attention to the small of my back, my buttocks, the back of legs, my thighs, and finally a brief kiss on my clitoris that sent shivers up my spine. He looked up at me with those bronze eyes, a statue of determination it seemed. His arms slowly laid me on my back on the slippery warm tile, and then he slowly spread my legs and lifted my hips. He continued kissing me in the crease of my thighs, and around my pleasure zone. Soon he firmly thrust a finger into my tight and wet hollow, and continued with an in and out motion while his other hand gently caressed my stomach while I arched my back and moaned softly after finally being fulfilled of having some part of him inside of me.

He began to lick me, the length of my vagina, circling and sucking on my clitoris with that soft wet tongue of his, all the while thrusting in and out with his fore finger. I could feel him all the way at the base of my spine, with the pleasure shooting up my nerves and hitting me head on. My back was arching and my hips were calling for him. His mouth felt so good on my outer lips, and his tongue was doing wonders on my clitoris. He somehow became an essential part of me, this pleasure merging and transforming me into something I needed to become. The water continued to rain down on me, splashing my chest and stomach, the water droplets rollings down towards the tiled floor. The bathroom began to blur, and my eyes closed as the pleasure expanded and engulfed me. The world completely disappeared when he started sucking on my clit, his resolve never wavered though. I was gone though, my body a channel for all the sexual energy he created. I was in another place, feeling one with him, transcending time and space and just being.

I was sure I was gushing for him now, a waterfall of pleasure all at his touch. But I couldn’t really tell, not where I was now. Then they hit me, cascading in the darkness, one after another, forever. They lit up my world through closed eyes. My body was clenching and pulsing with them, and I soon lost the ability to even hold on to him in the swirling mass of shooting stars and massive ripples of warm vibrations that overtook me in this timeless place. I was floating in the vibrations, carried by the pleasure to a place farther than any one had ever been.

Eventually my muscles slackened and I slumped exhausted to the tile floor. He withdrew from between my legs and embraced me under the water that was losing its heat now. I tried to speak, but nothing came out but a wordless voice and a shallow breath. I could tell he was smiling, pleased with the result. No doubt I was smiling too. I kissed him as thanks, biting his lip to let him know how much it meant.

We dried each other off and made our way out onto the balcony in bath robes, the rain still falling just past the overhang. He was holding me in his arms on one of the lounging chairs, stroking my damp hair, and telling me how floral the scent was. All I could smell was the rain, constant and never ending all around us. Maybe it would dissipate sometime soon and our summer could really begin. But even if it doesn’t, my summer can begin just like this, here in his arms.

Feeling the Music [2]



The music suddenly changed, it was beating harder, moving faster, pulsing like a racing heartbeat. Ours. You smiled at me, pushing me slowly down on the bed until I was completely flat on my back. Then you mounted me, carefully gliding my hardness into you and that tight space once again as you were lowering yourself to my hips. Your hands resting on my abdomen, you looked down at me and giggled and pushed up, making this your show now.

Then you were bouncing, rocking, gyrating to the music and its ever increasing beat. Twisting those wonderful hips of yours to feel me inside of you, exploring every angle I could possibly offer you. You were moaning, panting, breathing heavily…but it was all in time to the music. The wonderful music. You grabbed my hands forcefully and put them on your breasts. I needed no instruction and squeezed them. Massaging them the way they required. Your hard nipples were poking sternly into my palm as I continued, and your moans turning into vibrations for my fingers to detect.

We were sweating again now, the activity becoming rather demanding. The music was taking over our movements with its pulsing, grinding beat. The beads of sweat rolling down our bodies, made us glisten as we had before, shining in our moment.
Yes, we were fucking again. You didn’t slow at all until you started gasping, and then suddenly you started quivering. You were coming once again, those waves of pleasure exploding within you, enveloping me. You bit your lip hard so as not have to worry about screaming yourself hoarse. Finally the music changed, and we were both exhausted, you laying on top, with me still inside of you. You gently kissed my rosy cheek, told me how wonderful it felt, then graciously kissed me on the lips. Your tongue told me just how much you were enjoying this, but that you weren’t done just yet.

You wanted it to be about me now. You turned off the music, the silence overtook us instantly. All we could hear were our constant breathing, the breaths mirroring each other. I asked you about the music, and you said we were going to create our own. You were the musician, I was your instrument. right

You kissed me slowly, then you moved down to my neck. You kissed me harder, then you bit me just as your hands slid down my chest, feeling the texture my muscles and ribs presented. You stroked the hair around my navel, following the dark whirlpool around and around until your fingers found the hair below. You were following it down to what you were really interested in. You slowly stroked me, playing with me, before catching me in your grip.

I was so hard already, I just smiling shyly as you gave me the look of one determined.
You took me in your mouth, stroking me with your tongue, then sucking me, and finally licking me all the way around from bottom to top. You were sliding the length of me, keeping a certain rhythm to the movements. My back was arching now, my hips rising off of the bed, drawn to you, as I tried to control the enjoyment.
You giggled, then decided to speed up the rhythm.

You climbed on top of me, positioning yourself over me, so that I was pleasing you with my mouth, as you were pleasing me with yours. I was giving you my best under the circumstances, fighting the urge to gasp every so often as you to sucked me. But I still managed to tease you and slowly fuck you with my tongue. It circled and flicked your clit before gently diving inside before coming back out and flicking again. I was enjoying you, just as you were with me.

Our music was so beautiful. It continued at that rhythm until each of us, gasping and shaking with ecstasy, came simultaneously. You stayed on top of me, regaining your breath, then rolled off and to the side of me. You put your hand gently on my thigh, as I put mine just below your navel. We laughed then, fully content with our pleasure. We…enjoyed ourselves. You smiled at me, and of course my expression was yours.

Yes, it’s because of you I can still hear the music. It’s because of you it never dies.

Feeling the Music [1]



It was a cold and rainy evening, the water slowly dripping down the glass of the windows, it wetness seeming to seep in under the window sill. The light was low and mellow, the music was turned up loud and steadily thumping, keeping beat with my heart. I was admiring you in that cute orange tee and those tight dark jeans. You were lovely.

We’d just come in from the wet world outside, and I had decided to take my time with you now that we were alone. I gently peeled your clothes from you, taking these distractions and letting them lifelessly fall to the floor.

Piece. By. Piece.

Your eyes never left mine, as you scoured my face for a hint of what was to come. The very last thing I peeled ever so gently from you were your red panties. Hooking one finger inside the waistband, then slowly sliding them down your thighs, and softly lifting each leg out of them.

It revealed you, the whole you..and you were mine.

You started to breath faster, more shallow, obviously in anticipation of what was to come. You didnt move though. That was for me to do. I stroked every inch of you, gliding my hands weightlessly over your entire body. You reacted with shivers and trembling legs when I touched you just right. I devoured every sensation you offered. I saw you in your glory, I heard your breath quickening, I felt you from head to toe and everywhere in between, I smelled the nape of your neck, catching that ubiquitous smell of exotic flowers, and I tasted your lips, luscious and delicate.

You were perfect. You were mine.

Then in my moment of admiration, you caught me off guard and had begun to peel my clothes from me. You did it quickly, pausing only to smell the ethereal scent lingering around my neck. I smiled mischievously, and it was then that I took you.

I tossed you roughly on the bed as the music slowed down, spread those long legs of yours apart, and slid so very nicely into you, your tightness so amazingly wet already. I was thrusting into you, moving with you, as the music grew to an amazing crescendo. Then the bass kicked in, just as we bagan to pick up our wonderful pace. Yes, we were fucking to it.

You started under me, I teased you while still pushing myself in and out of you, I kissed you from your neck, savoring the taste of you down to your hard nipples. You were gasping by the time I’d finished sucking on you, and my hands were digging into your hips for leverage as you came to the beat.

You let out a long wonderful moan of ecstatic delight just as you tightened every muscle you had for me. You squeezed me hard, overtaking me from inside you. I couldn’t resist it, I had to have it. I drove harder and faster into you, and while you were still in the throes of orgasm, I came too. We melted together into the numbing haze of pleasure, wrapped in each others arms. The hot smell of sex was slowly engulfing us. The sweat was dripping off of us, and we were glistening under the low lighting.

But we were beautiful as one, here, in this eternal embrace.